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Ilir Hajdini, PhD


Post-doc research in the following topics

Since 2017: Contract Design in Franchise Networks

Since 2019: A Relational Stakeholder Theory Perspective on Franchising Strategy and Structure

Research and Teaching Interests

International Business and Strategic Management · Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management · Stakeholder Theory and Business Ethics · Organization Design of Plural and Hybrid Governance Forms

Master student topics currently being co-supervised

  • The impact of the stakeholder approach on strategy and structure of franchise firms
  • The influence of transaction cost and resource-based variables on the use of call options in franchise contracts. The application of transaction cost, resource-based, and real option theories
  • The influence of strategy and organizational structure on the franchise system performance
  • Different strategy and organizational structure dimensions: the case of franchising
  • The influence of resources and transaction costs on control (decision rights) and ownership rights in franchising
  • The relationship between contractual restraints of dealing, territorial exclusivity, RPM, tying and call options in franchising
  • The relationship between organizational life cycle and strategy and structure of franchise firms


Email: ilir.hajdini@univie.ac.at

Curriculum Vitae


Faculty of Business,
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