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Oksana Galak, PhD


Research and Teaching Interests

  • Human resource management (general, international, comparative)
  • Organisational behavior with focus on job design and job motivation
  • Organisational strategy (with focus on MNCs)

Co-Supervision of the Master Thesis

If you want to write your Thesis at our Department under my supervision, you need to be aware of the following: 

If you believe that your research will benefit from working with me as a co-supervisor, you need to accomplish the following steps

  1. Submit your Proposal to me at least 4 weeks in advance of the deadline defined by the Professors; 
  2. If your ideas and methodology are relevant and fitting into my field of interest, I will provide you with comments on how to optimise your Proposal for the submission to the potential main supervisor.
  3. After my official approval of the final Proposal and confirmation of co-supervision, you may send the Proposal to the potential main supervisor, stating that I am ready to co-supervise your research.
  4. In case of acceptance by the main supervisor, I will be involved in operational support and evaluation, together with your main supervisor 

Keep in mind, that methodology and access to the empirical data are both very important parts of your Proposal and subsequent research. I am especially interested in Proposals, supported by the access to the original datasets or to the ones involving experimental research. You need to be familiar with the basic statistical techniques, even if (and especially when) you are planning to use the qualitative methodology. 

Topics currently co-supervised

  • Agility in HRM
  • Motivation for Volunteering
  • Environmental Strategies in Aviation Industry
  • Circular Economy 
  • Expatriation in MNCs
  • Employer Branding: Role of Culture
  • Retention Management in MNCs
  • Repatriation Management in MNCs
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer in Organisations

Topics previously co-supervised

  • Role of EU Integration in Strategic Activities of MNCs
  • Generational Differences in Employer Brand Perceptions
  • Market Entry Strategies in Hospitality Industry
  • Market Entry Modes of Austrian Companies in CEE
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