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Examination Literature

International Management

IM can only be chosen as a MINOR, if you have attended the course THEORY of INTERNATIONAL FIRM AND INTERNATIONAL MARKET ENTRY  or GLOBAL STRATEGY!

The oral examination refers to two parts:

I. Presentation of the results of the master thesis (15-20 minutes) - with 3-4 questions (15 minutes); the questions refer to the thesis and the Theory of International Firm.

II. Examination in the Minor part! (4 questions: 20 - 30 minutes) (based on (A), B), (C) ; you can choose between (B) or (C). Please inform me in advance which topic and book you will choose.


Course: Theory of the International Firm
Book: Mats Forsgren, Theories of the Multinational Firm: A Multidimensional Creature in the Global Economy., Edward Elgar Publishing
(B)(C) ADDITIONALLY choose ONE of the following two options
(B) Course: International Market Entry(C) Course: Global Strategy


  1. Welch, L. S., Benito, G. R., & Petersen, B., Foreign operation methods: Theory, analysis, strategy, Edward Elgar Publishing


  1. Alain Verbeke, International Business Strategy, Cambridge University Press
  2. M. W. Peng, Global Strategic Management, South-Western, Cengage Learning




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